Protecting the lives and well-being of our employees at all levels is our primary concern. Creating an environment and mentality conducive to the safest conditions for our employees and all other workers on construction projects is of paramount importance to us as a company.

From management to performance, we are firmly committed to high-levels of safety standards.

We believe the safety practices we embrace as a company will continue to strengthen our presence in the marketplace and ensure the health and livelihoods of our employees and those we work with.

To ensure the highest levels of safety on all our projects, each employee at J&M Steel Solutions:

  • Receives their own copy of the “J&M Safety Manual”
  • Is required to read and understand J & M safety policies and procedures as designated in the “J & M Safety Manual” (signature required)
  • Receives on the job training regarding company safety philosophy and practices
  • Is updated on more effective safety practices
  • Is subject to pre-employment drug testing and random drug testing after employment begins
  • Is taught that safety is a continuous improvement process

We believe safety training and a mindset for safe conditions & practices are critical to our success.

All of our employees go through a safety orientation seminar prior to joining our team where our safety and health policies are explained in detail. We also conduct semi-annual training seminars and weekly “tool box” talks. These training sessions keep our employees up to date on the latest standards and reinforce our goals and expectations for safety on the job.

Our Safety Awards and Certifications are not the goal, but the result of striving to always make the right choices regarding safety.


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